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The Penthouses at the River Thu Thiem – Greeting the Dawn from A View from the Top

Imagine yourself sitting in the middle of a great 3D cinema with a clear panoramic view of the Saigon River. The city at night is shimmering, the dawn is gradual and then the gentle sunlight breaks through the morning mist. This vibrant scene, from any position in the house, can be enjoyed by homeowners from the “peak” of The River Thu Thiem which are the 12 exclusive penthouses.

How many times in a person’s life does he watch the sunrise or sunset, how many times does he watch the passing of the day from a perch that captures all four directions? That truly is a luxury rarely seen in every individual’s life that many have had to move out of their comfort zones and venture into the unknown to experience. This image reminds us of the way of the phoenix, the mythical beast and lord of feathered creatures, with its marvelous pose observing the mortal realm from the tallest mountains.

“Living at the top” is the sensation and message that The River Thu Thiem wants to bring to the owners of its penthouses to have. It is the crucial backbone in the development of the strings of

values in society. It is this sensation that emanates from the key pillars of global economies experienced in New York, Washington DC, Mumbai, Seoul, Shanghai, Milan, etc.

Gently resting by the river, the location gives you the feeling of being in a 3D cinema with an unhindered view to the boundless Saigon River in the somber sunset, the sparkling city nights, the crimson sunrise, and the gentle sunlight during the break of dawn. These are some of the many sights of vibrant scenery that homeowners are in possession of at The River Thu Thiem. DKO is the lead designer of the penthouses. It is a prestigious international firm that brings to the penthouses at Thu Thiem all the leading innovations and trends in international design. For example, the spacious and comfortable aesthetic designed by DKO comes with sizable hallways that bring in the brisk river airflow. Expanding the view to all four corners, the homeowner can feel the slight tint of sunlight beaming through the windows, the brimming breeze flowing in the transparent corridors, the vibrant plants. The energetic city below feels near as everything is encapsulated for the eyes to feast on, but at the same time, can also seem far away due to the way the day-to-day chaotic nature is unable to touch us.

The place to honor the family values of the elite

Understanding that the homeowners are experienced and successful individuals who value family, DKO designed a unique living space that connects multiple generations, bringing in a sensation that is both home comforting and resort. As a DKO designer noted, “Our design focuses on the Vietnamese family culture, valuing intimate family gatherings for birthdays, anniversaries, or Tet. Along with the bed chambers and living rooms, we also pay close attention to the kitchen, where all family members share their supper”. This design philosophy is demonstrated to the fullest in the in-door swimming pool and garden where the whole family can enjoy their meals or have outdoor parties while admiring the mesmerizing scenery beyond.

It is safe to say that DKO, the leading designer for The River Thu Thiem Penthouses, did its research carefully on traditional and modern values, the old and new, the past and present to shape the premier living space suitable for all three generations. They can range from emotionally-fulfilled elders surrounded by grandchildren, adults enjoying the freshness of life with every morning coffee, or energetic kids ready to challenge the world, but all can proudly connect together and build together the family tradition. That is the fundamental value of the Vietnamese family.

Due to this philosophy, the designers have made many walls seem to fade away. Walking through the front door with a comfy entrance, one is met with an expansive hub area, and feels a sensation that is reminiscent of architectural masterpieces by the great Frank Lloyd Wright. The design philosophy of placing people as the centerpiece ensures the composition carries the fluid blend between architectural and interior design. It recognizes homeowners’ need to personalize their living space, and is wholly flexible to their needs, ranging from the elegant serenity to lavish, unforgettable parties. As a designer noted, “We made an adaptive design plan with the goal to aid homeowners in their quest to experiment with different directions”.

What the designers are especially proud of is a unique lighting feature – a skylight over an indoor garden.  This feature brings in more natural light and gives the owner a “grounding” experience as if he is underground in a cave looking up at the surface. It can bring about a comforting, almost magical experience.

Exquisite, inspiring, and meticulously perfect

The furnishings is state-of-the-art and comfortable, yet also distinctly unique. DKO is an expert in utilizing construction material such as curtains, wooden flooring – manufactured in Vietnam – and fusing them with their more refined high-end Western counterpart. All the walls are designed to generate a chromatic aesthetic using traditional hand craftsmanship. Depending on the time in the day, the walls will illuminate vibrantly similar to a prism.

Luxury is also explored in the subtle experience with every touch. For example, when the homeowner opens the door, his grasp of the door handle is greeted with a warm sensation. The “less is more” approach, the beauty in the details way of execution, might come off as simplistic at first glance, but it produces the sublime elements that discerning eyes can pick up.

The homeowner can feel the passage of time by taking advantage of the adaptive lighting system on demand. The premium wood panels and the premium glass allow natural light to shine through even in the thought-to-be obstructed areas. “We want to ensure the color reflects differently between night and day. The colors will change depending on each period that passes by in the day. A neutral and pristine palette helps to reflect light and encapsulates the moon’s essence and soul along with the light rays’ during sunrise and sunset. This concept was something we worked extensively on with our construction division, especially when assembling the wood to convey the design fundamentals explicitly”, shared Brandon Hag, Director of DKO Vietnam.

With just 12 penthouses in The River Thu Thiem, Refico, the highly-acclaimed developer of the City Garden penthouses, introduces to the world an even more extravagant, sophisticated, and meticulously perfect living space. Refico’s outstanding project is a once-in-lifetime experience waiting to meet its new owners. This project is situated in the prime location of Thu Thiem, a land brimming with potential, and the home to the earliest sunrise in Ho Chi Minh City.

This September, The River Thu Thiem will launch the Ultimate Collection with only 10 Penthouse & Pool villas.
For more information, contact website:
Sales Gallery: The River Thu Thiem model apartment complex – Crescent  Boulevard, Thu Thiem urban area, An Khanh Ward, District 2, HCMC


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